Welcome to the Project Spark - Crafting and Inventory System by AmphiprionEdit

This wiki show how to use my Spawning, Crafting and inventory system in your Project Spark creation.

All the system is greatly inspire of Starwars Galaxie crafting, like random resource stats, recipe using hierarchical resource tree, and more...

If you have any question, remark, suggestion please use this Thread in the Project Spark forum.

  • Inventory UI


This wiki will show you all implemented function at the time you read it (the wiki will be permanently updated each time a new feature/update occurs in the mod).

This Project Spark creation is design with a main goal, externalize all possible think in template/logical cubes. So it will be easy to you to add the behavious to your project, wathever starting from scratch or updating your already existing game.

- Player Brain update

- Player Control logic

- Inventory System

Spawning System & Loot System

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